Part of the driving force behind the decision to get my own 3D printer was discovering the PiGRRL project from Adafruit.

I could build my own GameBoy… WHAT?!

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I remember my first run-in with additive manufacturing.  It was almost a decade ago while touring the facility at my summer internship during college.  It was massive and had its own dedicated room, was expensive to own, and pricey to run.  I don’t think I saw it being used the entire time I was there, but did notice almost every engineer’s desk had small 3D printed tchotchkes like hands and buckyballs.

I was amazed by this new technology (yes, I know it’s been around for longer than a decade). and marveled at the immense potential of taking the digital and at the push of a button, manifesting it into the physical realm.  It seemed too futuristic… almost magical.

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My dog is not a large dog.  At roughly 25 lbs and 13″ shoulder height, he’s not that far off the ground to really legitimately need a raised dog dish holder.

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Dragon Mountain Design. What is this, some kind of consulting firm?

No. I’m just a guy with a website, a mechanical engineer in and out of the office, and my last name is German for ‘Dragon Mountain.’ The title seemed like it fit, so again, no… not a consulting firm (but if that ends up happening at some point down the line, so be it).

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