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Onshape Equation Driven Gear

That's a Batman joke if you didn't catch it.

Onshape recently added a feature to include variables, and it was the update I had been waiting to see, but not the one I asked for.


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Strappy Key Chain

Let's all learn a lesson from the TSA and never post pictures of key details, okay?


This project began when a buddy of mine sent me a link to his then-new keychain.

My immediate thought: I could do that!


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Now with 100% more bland background!

I am a big fan of archery.  I have been since first taking up a bow during a P.E. class way back in high school (arguably the best part of my high school experience, P.E. or otherwise), feeling the tautness of the string as I drew the arrow back, and the sweet satisfaction of nailing the target upon release.


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