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Quick Draw – Housekeeping

Random stuff I never bothered to write about through the year!Having a 3D printer is not always fun and games.  Sometimes you’ve got to take care of odds and ends around the house, and it becomes the go-to tool when a problem arises.

…Who am I kidding?  Problem solving is a blast!


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Train Whistle

Inadvertent Superhero Colors

For my son’s first birthday, we got him a train table and wooden train set.  At the moment, he mostly smashes bits of track together and rams the train cars around with gusto, but I thought a train whistle would make a nice addition to round everything out.


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Blender Quest – The Cheat

The Cheat is not deaaaaad!

I’m so glad The Cheat is not dead.


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Just like the real thing!

Started a Blender class on udemy before my son was born, and got a few sections into it before my free time completely evaporated.  Last weekend I fired up the little Wacom tablet I got for Christmas and decided to go rogue.  Started playing with sculpting features after watching a primer video on YouTube.  Was fun.


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The Space Porter

Not the colors he wanted, but he can choose what he wants when he prints it out himself.

Successful first collaboration with my six-year-old nephew Noah!


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First try!

After many years of using SolidWorks while hiding in fear of certified failure, I finally buckled down, studied up, and passed the CSWP exam (two months ago)!


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Onshape Equation Driven Gear

That's a Batman joke if you didn't catch it.

Onshape recently added a feature to include variables, and it was the update I had been waiting to see, but not the one I asked for.


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"SpaceNavigator" is such a B.A. name.

Everyone working in 3D modeling or design should have a mouse fashioned to operate within all of those dimensions.

I was unaware of this until a seasoned veteran of engineering showed me the light.


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