TMNT Bebop Shades (Two Versions!)

Fight The Turtles in style with this 80’s punk eyewear.

So pretty much I love the TMNT and also wanted to experiment a little with simple wearables.

That is all.

Helpful Tools:

3D printer (or printing service)

Sandpaper up to 400 grit or higher. This is optional if you’ve got your print settings really dialed in and like the finishes it can produce.

Vaseline (also optional as above).

1. Print out Parts

Files are available on MyMiniFactory.

March 2020 UPDATE: Files can be downloaded directly from this site at the bottom of the page.  They are also available on Prusa Printers!

There are two versions of these glasses. Version 1 is flat, very easy to print without any supports or brim, and a bit closer to the classic 80’s cartoon look. However, they don’t feel super comfortable to wear, nor do they fold up properly. That’s where Version 2 comes in. It’s slightly “updated,” feels better on the face, folds up nicely, and also can be printed without any supports or brim. Depending on your printer’s capabilities, you may need to work some post-processing magic (which we’ll cover).

Version 1

Assembly here is very simple. Snap BG-Left-1 and BG-Right-1 onto BG-Front-1 at the hinges. You’re good to go from here.

Version 2

Assembly is again fairly straightforward. Snap BG-Left-2 and BG-Right-2 onto BG-Front-2 at the hinges. The main difference here (that may not apply to you depending on how “dialed in” you are on your print settings) is that I needed to do some post processing cleanup on the sections that were angled off the print bed.

If that is the path you find yourself on, start with a low-grit sandpaper to level everything off, and work your way up to 400 grit or higher for a nice smooth finish. Rubbing a little Vaseline into the surface when you’re finished sanding will “refresh” the surface.

As mentioned before, this version folds up quite nicely.

Dare to Wear

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March 2020 UPDATE:  Files are available here!  Click the Download button below for a zip file.

Files are available under the Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license.

License Deed

Legal Code

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