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Does he have more important things to worry about? Probably. If I try to start a beef with him over this, would he take the bait? Anyone want to find out?!

Also known as Kanye’s Nightmare.


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Go Team Valor!

Let’s be honest:  If you want to be the very best, like no one ever was, you need proper gear.


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Extruder: the sequel!

If you’ve read my posts on the Drachenberry Pi or Strappy Key Chain, you’ve noticed that both of these projects use NinjaFlex SemiFlex material.  And if you’ve ever printed with this material, you’ll know that it is a double-edged sword.


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Strappy Key Chain

Let's all learn a lesson from the TSA and never post pictures of key details, okay?


This project began when a buddy of mine sent me a link to his then-new keychain.

My immediate thought: I could do that!


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