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Now I just need to start working on the Action Figure Storage Truck


As the name suggests, this very clearly takes inspiration from the 1982 GI-Joe VAMP.  In fact, the design was developed by importing screen grabs into Fusion 360 and modifying proportions here and there.

Parts List:

3/16″ OD x 9″ L Stainless Steel Shaft – McMaster 1257K108

Missile Launcher – Dragon Mountain Design (X2.  Follow the instructions in that link, because we’re going to skip their assembly here.)

Helpful Tools:

3D Printer (or printing service)

Caliper (metric setting)

Rotary Tool


Flush Cutters

E6000 Glue


Drill with 5.5mm bit (5mm bit optional)

  1. Print out Parts

    All files are available for free on Thingiverse, YouMagine, Cults3D, and MyMiniFactory.  Use PLA with 20% infill for all parts except for the tires and missile heads, which were printed with NinjaFlex SemiFlex.  Supports are only needed on the MV-Body component, and buckle yourself in for that one.  It was a 25-hour print for me (in retrospect, I maybe should have split it up into smaller bits, but I wanted to see if the Prusa could handle it).

    4/11/2018 UPDATE:  Consolidating the number of places hosting the files.  More changes to come, but they’re still available for free.

    March 2020 UPDATE: Files can be downloaded directly from this site at the bottom of the page.  They are also available on Prusa Printers!

    In the end, you should have one of each part with the exceptions being:

    MV-Hub x4
    MV-Tire x4
    MV-WheelWasher x4
    MV-Booster x2 (optional)

  2. Post-Processing

    Carefully and slowly use a drill with 5.5mm bit to bore out the axle holes in MV-Body.  For extra care, start with a 5mm bit and then work up to the 5.5mm.  Test the holes with the axles to make sure they can slide all the way through with negligible friction.

    Clean up the MV-Tire components with the flush cutter.  I printed all four of mine at the same time and the stringy bits were out of control!

    Had my wife supervising this print while I was at work, and she thought it was all kinds of messed up. She is a good woman.

  3. Make Axles

    Axle length is 105mm each.  The McMaster part selected is long enough to fabricate two of them plus some change.  Measure with a caliper and mark where the cuts need to be.

    Secure and cut with rotary tool.

    Totally dented that crummy end table.

    Once cut to length (and verified), use the rotary tool to take any burrs and edges off and add a few grooves to the ends of each side of the axles.  This should help secure them during the wheel assembly process.

    It's an inexpensive IKEA piece that's been sitting in the sun for far too long though.

  4. Missile Launcher Platform

    Fit each of the missile launcher assemblies into MV-MissileMount as shown.

    I did not use glue to secure these (at least not yet) because I'm sure I'll have a reason to take them off this every now and again.

    Line up the holes of MV-Body and the MV-MissileMount assembly, and press in MV-Pin to secure.

    My daughter IS going to be a big sister in a few months, and it wouldn't be outside the realm of possibility for her to use the new baby as target practice...

    She HAS gotten really good with the massive automatic Nerf Gun we have after all...

  5. Wheels

    Line the spokes of MV-Hub up with the recesses of MV-Tire and press-fit together (x4).

    The tires are blue because I have a lot of that material still and I'm too cheap/lazy to buy any in black.

    I'm not even going to apologize.

    Using a toothpick, apply a moderate amount (not so much that it will ooze out later) of E6000 glue to the inside of the wheel assembly.

    Future vehicles may make use of D-shafts or keyed-shafts. Depends on sizing and pricing.

    Firmly insert the axel into the wheel assembly.

    The hope is to save you from cutting, grooving and gluing the axels yourself.

    Cover with MV-WheelWasher

    That little washer is a nice cap on there.

    Insert the axle into the MV-Body assembly.

    Check out that overhang area of the body!

    Cover exposed end with another MV-WheelWasher, and firmly attach wheel (glue applied of course).

    The Prusa only applied a small length of supports on the edge. Needless to say, but I am impressed.

    Repeat for second axle.

    You know, the blue tires actually look pretty good to me now.

  6. Canopy

    Fit the front end of MV-Canopy into the recesses of MV-Body, and pivot it into place until the back end also pops into place.

    I didn't glue this either on mine. I may go back and design alternate canopies if I get bored one day.

    I... think I went a bit overboard on the in-process photos this time around...

  7. OPTIONAL: Booster Seats & Barrel

    The interior accommodates a range of action figure sizes.  MV-Booster may be required for some action figures to fit properly.

    Also, the back of the vehicle has a cavity designed specifically to store a barrel (found with the missile launcher files).

    The booster seats look alright in the same silver as the rest of the body.

  8. We Say RIGGIDY-ROLL Now!

    If you don’t have or aren’t interested in the Cheat Commandos, don’t let that stop you from jumping into action with this MiniVamp.

    My daughter's Octonauts will likely be taking this vehicle over for their land missions. Zudomon is their friend apparently, which I guess makes sense.

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March 2020 UPDATE:  Files are available here!  Click the Download button below for a zip file.

Files are available under the Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license.

License Deed

Legal Code

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