Handheld SKÅDIS Mount Vol. III

Opening up the title to “handheld” in order to include the New Nintendo 3DS XL (what a bananas product name) because I have a couple of those now!

As with most my personal projects lately, the design work has greatly outpaced the writing portion. According to file history, this project was started mid-July of last year. I’m going to place the blame mostly* on Kung Pow Chicken, as it’s been my most enticing bit of productive procrastination for at least a year now, and whenever a printing project gets to a decent enough point, the GB Studio application just calls to me.

Design Notes

Created in FreeCAD 0.20, the form and function follows Vol I and Vol II of my handheld SKÅDIS mounts. It was overall a quick project, with the cartridge mounts only being completed more recently. Why the gap in time between the designs for the handheld and the cartridges? Because my kids only recently discovered how many games came with the listing my sister found and secured for me (thanks again, Mess!). Since the secret is out now, we might as well figure out the display situation.

As this is now our third rodeo with the general concept, we’ll mostly copy-paste the instructions from the earlier versions.

Helpful Tools


DS Cartridge Cases (if you’re into that sort of thing)

1. Print out Parts

Files can be found at the bottom of the page

2. Assemble Bins

Press-fit the appropriate hooks into the bins. Use a hammer (gently) if persuasion is required.

3. Arrange on SKÅDIS

Place them in a way that’s both pleasing and functional for you. Because of the drastic size difference of the cartridges, placement is a bit different from the other volumes.

4. Display Your Collection

Bins are designed with the protective cases in mind (because I like consistency, and all my games came without the original cases), but they should still work alright with “naked” cartridges.


Click the Download buttons below for zip files containing all the components

Files are available under the Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license.

License Deed

Legal Code

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*There are obviously other delays too, or I’d be finished with the game by now as well. Been spending a lot more of my time hanging out with my kids, reading, exploring new baking and cooking recipes, and my wife was using my main computer a lot more frequently to write papers (she graduated from seminary earlier this month! I’m so proud of her).

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