Quick Draw – Legend of Zelda Rupees

One Saturday morning my son asked if we could design and print some rupees together, so we designed and printed some rupees together.

He mainly wanted them for fun, but hoping to use them as a teaching tool, the project was taken a couple of steps further with the addition of Roman Numerals “carved” into the designs to correspond with the color values found at Zeldapedia.

The jar took a couple of iterations to get “right,” as the wall thickness had to be increased for the gCode to work correctly (I’ll have to look more into that for the future), but the stopper came together without a hitch and pops into the jar securely.

Anyway, onto the show:

1. Print out Parts

Files can be found at the bottom of the page.

Material: PLA
Infill: 15-20%
Supports: No
Brim: No

2. Buy Things?

We’ve been using these as incentives for videogame time when the kids help out around the house. So far it’s been working pretty well and has helped them manage their expectations of when and how long they can play.

At the moment, we’re only using the 1, 5, and 10 denominations, but we’ll graduate to the bigger numbers once we start using them to help with math homework visualization.


Click the Download button below for a zip file containing all the components

License Deed

Legal Code

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Hope you and your loved ones enjoy a wonderful holiday season!

See you in the New Year.

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