8BitDo SN30 pro Controller Rack

Bothered by the fact that there seemed to be nowhere decent in my workshop to store my favorite style of controllers, I sat down with FreeCAD for a couple hours to model a nesting rack system.

Time well spent, and I am pleased with the results.

Design Notes

Things went mostly without a hitch, though I did redo quite a bit after playing with shapes and the order of features in my first pass at a concept. That’s more or less par for the course when it comes to design, and my comfort level with the software is ever-increasing, so it did not take long to make corrections. Again, my only real beef with FreeCAD v0.19 is that it simply does not like chamfers as much as I do. My need to break all edges with 45° half-millimeter angles may borderline obsession though, so the frustration is not entirely unwelcome to my creativity.

Anyway, let’s get into the good stuff.

Helpful Tools

3D Printer

8BitDo SN30 pro controllers (you don’t necessarily need them, but they’re kind of the point)

1. Print out Parts

The file is at the bottom of the page.

Print with whichever material and settings you are most comfortable with. I made mine in PLA with 15% infill, no support, no brim.

2. Nest (Optional)

If you have more than one controller, print more than one rack! The slots near the front mate with the tabs in the back.

Design also neatly houses baseline SNES controllers.


Click the Download button below for a zip file containing the STL.

Files are available under the Creative Commons BY-NC-SA License.

License Deed

Legal Code

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