MakeCode Arcade Game Jam

For obvious reasons (you know, like knowing nothing about making video games), I’d never participated in a Game Jam before this one. Since MakeCode Arcade is so intuitive and easy to pick up, and with the theme being a 5-second minigame in the thread of Warioware, I knew I had to come up with at least one entry.

And in the end, entered two: “CROSS” and “BRUSH”

Full Game Jam game is HERE.


Very straightforward game. Help the doggy safely cross the road to get that sweet, sweet drumstick. Code was similar to that of Trogdor: Endless Burnination, so I was fairly confident I could get it to work on my own.

Link to the minigame to see all the ins and outs HERE.


This was a bit more of a challenge for me. Goal was to have multiple randomly-placed items that needed to be destroyed when the player sprite and the item sprite overlapped. In my practice game, I thought an array was the way to achieve my goal, but instead of each item sprite being destroyed individually, all of them would be destroyed at once.

I was stuck, reached out to the MakeCode Arcade forum, and jwunderl came in (again) with expert advise on how to solve the problem.

Once I had the practice game sorted out, I was able to implement the code into the Game Jam template and my entries were complete. The objective here is to brush the gunk out of the teeth.

Link to the minigame to see all the ins and outs HERE.

Both were really fun to put together, and I am proud and excited to have them included in the full game along so many other excellent minigames.

ALSO, “BRUSH” was mentioned in Adafruit’s MakeCode Newsletter. I am honored to have made something so great/gross that it received a shout-out.

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I have an page now too, so all future video game projects will be posted there as well.

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