Challenge, Accepted: OnHub Router Shell

It's got an unintentional Neapolitan thing going on., except that the center is glow-in-the-dark-green.

Since joining MyMiniFactory and uploading the good majority of my projects there, I’ve noticed numerous contests held on the site.  They’ve intrigued me, but for the most part I’ve observed from the sidelines, reviewing the briefs while working on my own stuff.

Is tacking "On" onto the front of all the things THE new thing now? Kinda like how the "e" defined the 90's?

When they announced a contest for the Google OnHub, I originally wasn’t sold on entering until this section of the brief really caught my eye:

Is this too small? I'm worried it's too small...

Designed with customisability in mind?!  Encourages makers to embellish the device?!  Sounds a bit like a delightful plastic building system I’ve been in love with since childhood.

Enter my entry:  OnHub-Bricked

Hopefully won't actually brick your device. I mean, it SHOULDN'T.

Both parts (the “Base” and “Blocks”) are designed to build off of one another and be compatible with that magnificent modular mode of construction.

The top is conveniently cropped to hide the hideous screwup there.

Printing shouldn’t be a big deal either, just a little time-consuming.  I used a brim setting on both (potentially unnecessary), and supports only on the “Base” component.

Files are exclusive to MyMiniFactory (they are hosting the contest, after all), and STEP files are included for you to tweak as you see fit.

Get out and vote for your favorite (you’ve got to the 26th of this month), which is clearly this design.

…I’m only half-kidding.

As always, if you’ve been enjoying what you see here give me a follow @DragonMtnDesign.

8/3/2016 UPDATE:  Aftermath

Yesterday morning I received an email that blew me away to the point that I basically forgot to write about it…

The “OnHub-Bricked!” design was one of two winning entries!

For all the confidence I exude on this website, I was actually pretty surprised by this.

Thank you to everyone who voted for and/or shared this design!

You’re the best.

Seriously. 🙂

8/11/2016 UPDATE:  Router came in yesterday (haven’t gotten a chance to open the box yet), and Google added a blog post on their official OnHub website about the contest!

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