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My last name's spelled incorrectly that one big time, but otherwise, it's all good.

I’m a little late in sharing this here, but MyMiniFactory interviewed me back in June!  Link to the full article is HERE, but in case that breaks or goes awry at some point, I’ve taken some screen grabs too.

In further news, you may or may not have noticed that my models have been removed from the majority of hosting sites I had been uploading them to, and all the new work since The Space Porter has only been been uploaded to MyMiniFactory.

For the last year or so, I’d been considering consolidating my uploads to one location because it was getting unnecessarily time consuming to upload the files and fill out model information to four different platforms.  Each one of the sites has its own merits, but I was finding myself more and more drawn toward MyMiniFactory because of how they were building their community, initiating contests & challenges, and doing a great job of showcasing a lot of great work from designers I’d never heard of before.

In the middle of mulling everything over, I was approached by MyMiniFactory to join their Studios team.  I was simultaneously honored and apprehensive because they had requested that my models be exclusively hosted on their platform.  Even though I was already considering it independently, the exclusivity request seemed like a big deal.  After talking with the MyMiniFactory team, doing some further research on my own, and weighing the pros and cons, I agreed and am happy with that decision.

So to make a long story short, the existing designs are still available and free to download, but they are only on MyMiniFactory.

March 2020 UPDATE: Things have changed in recent days/weeks/months. Without getting into too much detail, MyMiniFactory is moving in different directions and it is clear that they no longer value the Studios partnerships as they once did. As a result, my existing models are no longer exclusive to that site.

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  • Enricosx

    hi! i want join to myminifactory studios, can you give me some information on how it works? and if there are minimum requirements? because their site is very thin, thank you

    • James

      Hi! To be honest, there’s not much more information I can provide that wasn’t already shared in the post. You can follow the “Studios” link to a page where you can get in contact with the MyMiniFactory team. In my case, they approached me about joining due to the work I had posted on their site. Best of luck!

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