Project Space Princess – Bolide Blaster

Pew to the Pew

A space captain (princess or otherwise) should never leave port without their trusty sidearm: The Bolide Blaster.

This design is based on the Cheekymandos Missile Launcher (even uses same ammo), and adapted for small hands (larger hands should have no operating issues).

Parts List:

0.438″ OD x 1.875″ L x 3.41lb Max Load Compression Spring – McMaster 9657K340

Helpful Tools:

3D Printer (or printing service)

E6000 Glue

  1. Print Out Parts

    All component files can be found on Thingiverse, YouMagine, Cults3D, and MyMiniFactory.

    4/11/2018 UPDATE:  Consolidating the number of places hosting the files.  More changes to come, but they’re still available for free.

    March 2020 UPDATE: Files can be downloaded directly from this site at the bottom of the page.  They are also available on Prusa Printers!

    Material: Ninjaflex Semiflex for ML-MissileHead, PLA for the rest.
    Infill: 20%
    Brim: Not necessary, but it might help on BB-Handle.  It’s your call.
    Supports: Not necessary.

    Surprisingly quick print overall.

    When complete, you’re left with

    ML-MissileHead X1 (or however much ammo you want)
    ML-MissileBody X1 (see above)
    BB-Handle X1
    BB-Mount X1
    BB-Trigger X1
    BB-SpringCylinder X1

  2. Thread the Spring

    Fit the spring in the open end of BB-SpringCylinder, and rotate clockwise.  Flex/pop the end under the lip to finish.

    This is nearly word-for-word the instructions from Cheekymandos.

    I almost kept the same photos, but they were in pink.

  3. Assemble Handle

    Add E6000 glue to BB-Handle and BB-Mount, and press-fit them together.  Be sure to avoid getting any glue on the inside of BB-Mount.

    I thought a lot about how to make this all press-fit only, then decided to just give in to glue.

    I mean, if you've done it correctly, it turns out pretty nicely.

  4. Insert Trigger

    Fit inside as shown.  Pivot points will seat within recesses.

    Yep. Trigger's in there alright.

    The trigger-guard area is massive because I want to play with them too.

  5. Combine

    Add a little E6000 glue to BB-SpringCylinder as shown, and press into the remaining assembly.  Do not get any near the spring or trigger!

    More gluing. Not even gonna apologize.

    Fun fact: My daughter will not play with it unless it's loaded. Pretending is for suckers, apparently.

  6. Assemble Missile

    Pop the head onto the body.

    I have a lot of these floating around my house.

  7. Lock and Load

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For those interested, my project sabbatical is sorta over..?  Who knew having two small children in need of constant care and attention would consume all of my free time?  In any event, things are percolating in my head and they need to become realities, so work may trickle in now and then.

Also, Autodesk Fusion 360 quietly/secretly released their web version, so that added flexibility will likely help in moving things along as well.




March 2020 UPDATE:  Files are available here!  Click the Download button below for a zip file.

Files are available under the Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license.

License Deed

Legal Code

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