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I recently picked up an old GameBoy Color and have been reacquiring some of my favorite games from childhood. Because entropy will always increase in a closed system, most second-hand cartridges lack the original cases. This… will not do.


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The DC Super Hero Girl Bumblebee action figure has been a long-time favorite with both my kids. Recently, that love has brought about an unfortunate event: The destruction of Bumblebee’s flight pack! Good thing flexible materials exist and are getting easier to print!


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Quick Draw – Housekeeping

Random stuff I never bothered to write about through the year!Having a 3D printer is not always fun and games.  Sometimes you’ve got to take care of odds and ends around the house, and it becomes the go-to tool when a problem arises.

…Who am I kidding?  Problem solving is a blast!


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Zoe is already shouting about scaring away monsters with this.

A Space Princess has so many uses for a Solar Sword: Vanquishing interstellar monsters, defending quadrants from marauding space pirates, knighting heros and civil servants, accenting talking points during inspirational speeches.  The list goes on and on.


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Been hearing so much hate for these things. They're actually not bad.

A coworker brought her young son into the office recently, and he excitedly showed and told me all about his fidget spinners.  Being familiar with my position, he asked if I could make him one.  So here we are…


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