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Crystal Nightlight

It looks... sinister, but is better for the circadian rhythm

Finally!  A project my 2-year-old understands and appreciates right out the gate.  She’s thrilled.  I’m thrilled.


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When I was a kid there was a mini sledge hammer at my church that had "IRON FOX" written on it. I thought that was the name of Thor's hammer for too long.

Your ancestors called it magic, but you call it science.  I come from a land where they are one and the same.

-Thor (2011)

That feeling of magic and science is what I wanted to invoke when taking hold of this hammer and watching it light up.  No visible plugs, switches, or any other indication of functionality thanks to inductive charging and reed switches.


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Emergency Charger

Made this for my wife too. She claims it's too big (it's not).

Between the learning experience of the Drachenbox One, and the DrachenberryPi configurations, I had a few parts left over, which was irritating.  It pains me to have useful components like LiPo batteries and charging circuits sitting idly in storage until another project needing them comes along.  It occurred to me later than I’d like to admit that a LiPo battery and charging circuit makes for a great project in and of itself.


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Drachenberry Pi

Should the version be 'Mark III' if I and II were only theoretical? Whatevs...

As mentioned at the end of my last post, Adafruit did indeed figure out how to get RetroPie to work using their TFT screens, which was awesome, because it allowed me to use the one I had previously purchased without issue, and finally build my own GameBoy:


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Part of the driving force behind the decision to get my own 3D printer was discovering the PiGRRL project from Adafruit.

I could build my own GameBoy… WHAT?!

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