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If the paint job helps to get my daughter even 1% more interested in Star Wars, I've done my job.

Guys, The Force Awakens opens next month!

This – this doesn’t really have anything to do with that, but still!


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Onshape Equation Driven Gear

That's a Batman joke if you didn't catch it.

Onshape recently added a feature to include variables, and it was the update I had been waiting to see, but not the one I asked for.


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Strappy Key Chain

Let's all learn a lesson from the TSA and never post pictures of key details, okay?

This project began when a buddy of mine sent me a link to his then-new keychain.

My immediate thought: I could do that!


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"SpaceNavigator" is such a B.A. name.

Everyone working in 3D modeling or design should have a mouse fashioned to operate within all of those dimensions.

I was unaware of this until a seasoned veteran of engineering showed me the light.


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Drachenberg USB Drive

The Dragon Mountain Crest is a lot like Frank's Red Hot in that "I put that $h!t on everything!"

Universal Serial Bus?  More like, Ultimate Sword Blade!


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Emergency Charger

Made this for my wife too. She claims it's too big (it's not).

Between the learning experience of the Drachenbox One, and the DrachenberryPi configurations, I had a few parts left over, which was irritating.  It pains me to have useful components like LiPo batteries and charging circuits sitting idly in storage until another project needing them comes along.  It occurred to me later than I’d like to admit that a LiPo battery and charging circuit makes for a great project in and of itself.


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Now with 100% more bland background!

I am a big fan of archery.  I have been since first taking up a bow during a P.E. class way back in high school (arguably the best part of my high school experience, P.E. or otherwise), feeling the tautness of the string as I drew the arrow back, and the sweet satisfaction of nailing the target upon release.


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Onshape Review

The future of CAD

So far, my experience with Onshape has been limited (because: baby), but spectacular.

For those looking for a well thought-out parametric modeling tool to make amazing things without going all-out on a professional software like  SolidWorks, PTC,or Inventor, this is it.

Did I mention that it’s free?  Yeah it is!


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Drachenberry Pi

Should the version be 'Mark III' if I and II were only theoretical? Whatevs...

As mentioned at the end of my last post, Adafruit did indeed figure out how to get RetroPie to work using their TFT screens, which was awesome, because it allowed me to use the one I had previously purchased without issue, and finally build my own GameBoy:


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Part of the driving force behind the decision to get my own 3D printer was discovering the PiGRRL project from Adafruit.

I could build my own GameBoy… WHAT?!

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